Stepping through the doors of Brasserie FLO in Tianjin, you are transported to another era and culture. To a herald of “Bonjour Monsieur, Bonjour Madame” from the pristine staff, you may pinch yourself to believe you are not in Paris.

The atmosphere in the room is welcoming and warm. Much more than a restaurant, Brasserie culture revolves around friendships, new and old, invigorated by food and wine. It is already a meeting point for the significant French population of Tianjin, but it is clear that it fills a much bigger gap in the culinary appetite of the city. There simply is nothing else to compare it with and patrons of all walks of life can now enjoy dining in Paris without ever leaving town.



The interior is stunning, everything centered on the style and ambience of a traditional French Brasserie and 1920s Parisian art deco. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, from the crystal chandeliers to the marble flooring, each an exact replica of Brasserie FLO in Paris. Cut glass and fine cut leather adorn the windows and chairs. Brass trellises separate two sides of the main dining hall, a fixture long ago used to store coats and bags – and while this practice no longer exists their presence is customary in Brasseries across France. It all builds to one near indescribable grand effect. The sounds of Edith Piaf and other French classics piped through the room further transpose you to another time and place.

From the moment you enter your mouth will water, as you are greeted with an iced display of only the freshest and finest shellfish. Giant oysters hand-picked in France are flown in daily and are signature to the unique culinary experience of FLO. But the journey does not stop there. Opening the menu is breathtaking, and it will likely take you some time to choose from their vast selection. Whether ordering from the incredibly reasonably priced business lunches and set menus, or treating your taste buds to one of the countless a la carte dishes, you will be completely spoilt for choice.

Speaking with Chef de Cuisine Arnaud Guilloux, he says the challenges of taking Brasserie culture and cuisine abroad is one of his great loves. Growing up in Brittany & Normandy, home of a great deal of time-honored Brasserie culture, he describes with vim the goal of everyone in the FLO family: “Our mission is to keep the spirit of traditional Brasserie alive in our service and our menus, but also to add a modern touch and bring a little bit of ourselves to each restaurant and menu.”

While each table seems to be handpicked for you, there is no shortage of places to sit and enjoy your meal. You may opt for the main dining hall to be among the buzz of the other patrons, or have a romantic meal on the secluded terrace before later taking a walk by the waterfront. There is also a selection of stunningly elegant private rooms available for a family reunion or to impress your new business associates. The dazzling interior of Brasserie FLO coupled with friendly and efficient service and delectable food makes it the perfect venue for weddings and special occasions of any flavor.

Journey downstairs to the wine cellar where proudly on display are the many delectable wines stored, waiting to be savored. Along the edge of this curved corridor are quiet tables for two, the perfect hideaway from the world, and the ideal place for a tranquil evening of food and wine.

You may wish to top off your meal by moving to the authentic French bar, where you can enjoy a coffee or digestif and compare culinary tales with other patrons doing the same. Speaking candidly, Chef Arnaud declares “FLO is committed to building a sterling reputation in Tianjin, one table at a time, one plate at a time, just as we have in Beijing and so many other cities before it.”