For 43 years now, it has been our daily pleasure to invite the world to come in and celebrate with us. Every day in our brasseries, wherever they may be, our customers – from the very youngest to the most loyal – share their enthusiasm and joie-de-vivre with us at our tables.



There once was a chef whose passion extended beyond simply offering the best food, to providing a good time with good humor. He could have kept his customers happy and carved a proud reputation for himself, but he also loved sharing his profession to the point where he could predict new trends and create new forms. Today, 4000 people work alongside Jean-Paul Bucher.

The history of FLO takes roots in 1901, when a beer warehouse was purchased by Mr. Floderer, who, as the war was about to start, prudently reduced the length of his German sounding name giving birth to the Brasserie FLO.

As a student ricocheted across Parisian society in the spring of 1968, a young Alsatian Chef, Jean Paul Bucher, turned up with the desire to create an eatery. He discovered this forgotten, century-old-brasserie, opened by Mr. Floderer 60 years before and injected a new spirit and a new color into the space. His vision was to turn a Brasserie which originally indicated establishment that made or just served draft beer into a Grand Café-restaurant.

When Jean Paul Bucher scanned the cities of Asia to create the first Brasserie FLO, he was attracted to Beijing because it shared, with Paris, the same axes of an ancient culture and a focus on the future.

Therefore, Mr. Bucher decided to create the Brasserie FLO Beijing in 1999, the exact replica of Brasserie Terminus Nord that he had refurbished in Paris three decades earlier.