At Brasserie FLO Beijing we are unique. You see, we believe that every employee of Brasserie FLO has a personal responsibility to create the best working environment possible and to hold themselves and each other accountable for making it happen everyday! This type of culture adds amazing flavor to how we approach each day at work. It also clearly spills over into the service level and the general atmosphere our guests taste when dining with us. Our policy is to assure that every customer leaves happy and also to exceed their expectations.

At Brasserie FLO we are committed to providing our guests with an optimal dining experience every time they walk through our doors. Whether preparing the dishes or serving them to our guests, our employees directly impact the guest experience! Our commitment to adding passionate, confident and professional staff to the mix of our distinctive cuisine, artistic architecture and high energy restaurants results in our building a team of people who are better and different from “the usual.”

If you are interested in joining our enthusiastic and service oriented team, please refer to below for available positions and fill in necessary information in order for us to process your application.

The Restaurant
1) Restaurant Manager
2) Assistant Restaurant Manager
3) Restaurant Supervisor
4) Maître d’hôtel / Restaurant Captain
5) Chef de Rang / Restaurant Waiter/Waitress
6) Bartender
7) Hostess & Public Relation Officer


The Kitchen
1)Executive Chef
2)Executive Sous Chef
3)Pastry Chef
4)Chef de Partie for Hot, Cold & Preparation
5)Kitchen Cook