Brasserie Spirit

Live theatre, all in a brasserie. In a brasserie, each shift is a live show performed twice a day. Everything should be perfectly synchronized, everyone should be at their post, in their role, involved, efficient and smiling. Every day, our teams meet together to learn the day’s script. The chefs explain the menus, comment on the day’s dishes: their ingredients and their preparation.

Here you are, right in the middle of a theatre , with décor as genuine as it comes: wall seats, mirrors, center lights, shiny brass and pristine counters, the show is as much in the dining hall as in the plates. This is what brasseries are all about, the colorful medley of cheerful beings and authentic countryside flavors, of feeling cozy surrounded by professionals; where women are dazzling and men charming, to a surrounding that we long to recreate as soon as we’re outside and the show is over.